Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Last week Kate received play make-up, tattoo pens & nail polish for her birthday. She is in love with the eyeshadow & applies it liberally! She is also taken with putting eyeshadow on her little brother. Clay is very pleased by this because it means he's like his older sisters.

Yesterday, right before our CC Christmas party, one of the girls painted Clay's fingernails bright pink! We've told them their brother is now off-limits when it comes to make-up application!


Tricia said...

I love Kates expression in that first pic. My bothers all suffered at my makeup heavy hand :)

villagegirl said...

That's so funny!! He looks like he's rather enjoyed it! hee hee
I had a younger boy cousin that was made to wear dresses and heals in order to play with us. He lived and turned out normal inspite of our torment. :)


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