Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Deck the Halls

We bought our Christmas tree Sunday & decorated it last night! I put that as our activity for the day in our advent calendar. I saw the idea on pinterest (of course) to have activities rather than a bunch of candy or goodies in the advent calendar & I loved the concept!

I added some events that we were going to do any (ie decorate the tree) or things that I have good intentions of doing but will have more follow-through if the kids expect it (ie drive around & look at Christmas lights).

I also added things like reading the Christmas story out of the gospels on different nights. Ray & I are really excited about our advent calendar this year & so are the kids!

Anyway, our tree came from Home Depot again this year. I called the tree farm & they didn't have any of the type of tree that we buy this year, so no fresh cut tree for us.

I had a meeting last night so it was a quick decorating session & I still need to do a bit of rearranging of the ornaments while the kids aren't watching!

Clay is at the age where he spends the entire night trying to put the one same ornament on the tree.

The kids were so excited when I gave them each their own collection of ornaments that have been accumulating since they were born.

Ray & I each with some of our own favorite ornaments.

Decorating the tree is so much more fun with the kids!

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