Friday, February 08, 2013

Baby Update

Poor baby #4, already being neglected. All other pregnancies I've been quite good at belly photos, remember?

I finally remembered to take one last week. I've never been this big this fast. This time around I experienced the strange phenomenon of showing in the first trimester & wearing maternity clothes! I usually don't pull those out until 20+ weeks!

Want me to prove it? I present to you my belly photo at 17 weeks in my THIRD pregnancy:

Compared to my belly this time around at 14 weeks, 3 days:

Crazy right?

I had my midwife check-up yesterday & discovered it's not my imagination, my uterus is measuring about 3 weeks ahead of where I'm actually at. I also gained 10 pounds in the last 5 weeks. Yikes! Also something that has never happened to me.

I did finally get to feel the baby kick for the first time! It was Wednesday night during prayer meeting (specifically around 7:50pm while Conrad Sr. was praying) & I could definitely feel the little flutters. It makes me so happy!

The next day at my appointment, while the midwife was trying to find the heartbeat, the baby gave a swift little kick directly on the doppler. I was able to feel it & hear it! So neat!

I've been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions for the past few weeks, too. At least I should have a few more weeks before those start hurting.

I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow, the time is just flying!


Lisa said...

Bit of a difference there. Did they check for twins? ;)

Lisa said...

(Just kidding about the twins comment. It's a lovely belly)

Jessica said...

Lisa, LOTS of people are throwing out the twins comment! :)


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