Thursday, February 07, 2013

Hello, Disney!

The kids have asked about going to Disney for a long time. We always tell them that it's expensive & we're not going to go, maybe some other time.

We planned part of their Christmas gift to be tickets because Disney has a special Florida resident 3-day pass deal. This year they upped the price a little bit so we had to work out the logistics first & postpone the present.

Last Thursday night we went for a "drive" with the kids and ended up at a hotel. (They love hotels!) This is the video when we told them. Addisons' expressions are priceless in this video; Kate was very focused on the granola bar I had just given her.

After the breakfast the next morning we told the kids we were taking them to Disney. I'd post that video, but, their reaction to staying in a hotel was much more exciting. I think the kids needed time for the news to set in - they couldn't believe we were actually taking them when we'd always told them "no" before!

Addison was so happy riding in the shuttle to the park.

Of course, we met princesses galore! Ray kept commenting on how well-trained the actresses are with their parts. The more elegant princesses move so gracefully & Rapunzel hops around & is more animated.

The new Fantasyland is really great for the kids. Belle's storybook, especially! You enter through Belle's cottage, a magic mirror in the workshop turns into a huge entrance (we still can't figure that one out!) & then you're in a large room with the talking wardrobe. A worked hands out props for parts in a skit - the audience is going to "surprise" Belle & retell the story of the night she met the Beast. We then go into the library & wait for Belle to arrive. Like I said, awesome for the kids, a little awkward for the adults their by themselves...

For the skit Addison was Philippe, the horse & Kate was Chip. Addison wanted me with her most of the time & Kate just oozes confidence! They remind me of me & my sister when we were little.

I love the looks on the girls faces as we were on the new Ariel ride.

Clay had some fun too - he loved the parade that we caught passing by & kept waving at the characters.

We all went on every ride together, except for the mini coaster in Fantasyland. Clay was too short & Addison freaked out in the line & came back to me. The ride was too short for Kate & she wanted it to keep going.

I also rode "It's a Small World" for Ray. I can remember riding it once as a kid & being bored to death. Ray loves it & of course our kids thought it was fabulous! It was also the only ride which had a delay while we were on it so we got stuck just sitting their listening to that song over & over & over...

I was very happy to make it over to one of my preferred areas at Disney the other day - Adventureland. Home of Dole Floats! (Good, but, not as good as my childhood memories!)

One of my favorite things was always the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse & of course the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Kate's face in this photo totally reminds us of the crazy-eyed pirate from the movie!

Of course we went on a lot more rides & stayed for the fireworks at the end of the day. It was so nice to be able to stay late & then go to our hotel just two miles away!

I think the kids will be even more excited the next time we go since they'll know what to expect! The three day passes were totally worth it!

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Megan Lee said...

The Dole floats aren't nearly as good as when we were little. I'm guessing it's mostly chemicals now instead of actual pineapple and real icecream.

And didn't we get an awesome one at IoA with the youth group? I remember that one being the best.


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