Friday, February 22, 2013


There is something that has always bothered me about our house. That would be the exterior & landscaping - or lack thereof. The front has been surrounded by builder grade bushes since we moved here nearly eight years ago. I've always wanted to rip them out but didn't have anything with which to replace them.

When my parents moved away last week they couldn't take all of the gorgeous plants they had bought to surround their pool - so, they gave them to us! Lovely potted plants. Perfect for our house!

It took me less than two days to begin ripping up bushes. As of today, I've pulled up eleven!

This was no small feat as the only tools I had were a shovel & some very dull pruning shears that stick together. One night when Ray was home I had him take his electric saw to about five of the really large roots.

Here's the progress as of yesterday! I want to do more, but, I like it so much better already!

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Cindi said...

Jessica: Looks wonderful. It has a real 'wow' factor now.

I have one question:

You did this work in this HEAT?

brave girl.


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