Monday, February 25, 2013

New dining table

Last summer I sold the bistro table in our kitchen (which I loved) & moved the dining room table (which is really a kitchen table) into the kitchen. The reasons were practical. We had outgrown the bistro table and I really wanted an actual dining table for the dining room.

That was last...June? July? We also had several garage sales & I've been hoarding all of that money in search of a dining table. Our budget was craigslist friendly and most stuff on craigslist around here is SO WRONG. This is a current offering of some craiglist items in our price range.

The biggest problem being my criteria. I really wanted a table that was at least 40 inches wide and that had two leaves to extend to at least 7 feet. I also wanted 8 chairs. Most decent tables meeting those criteria were crazy expensive, especially for secondhand.

Enter my friend, Ella, who is up & moving soon & selling off her furniture. We inquired about their table immediately (as in, before they decided if they were actually going to sell it!) because we've loved it since we first saw it. They bought the table when Borders Bookstore closed - it's really solid and 4 feet by 8 feet! They also had 8 red chairs with it - the fun pop of color I've wanted!

We picked it up Thursday night & I keep going to look at it. I just adore this table! I love the practicality! I love playing hostess, but, always feel inhibited by our lack of table space. I also have lots of meetings I host at our home and, of course, we now have an awesome space to do our schoolwork!

The night after we got the table I had a tutor meeting at our house and the table was perfect! I think one of the kids grabbed my phone & snapped this photo.

I told Ray tonight that good things come to those who wait; I was getting so discouraged by my lack of findings of a table, especially when it had been over six months and nothing. I'm SO happy with this purchase!

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh I LOVE it! What a great table/chair combo!


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