Friday, March 22, 2013

Friends, Part Two

Two weeks ago (the day after I went to Orlando) our friends Eddie & Sarah arrived at 12:30 at night for a visit with their kids. Their oldest & our oldest are self-described "best friends" & just a few days earlier Addison had told me that she really missed Susanna. Addison had NO IDEA that Susanna would be visiting! We just let our kids wake up on Friday morning to their surprise visitors! What fun!

After our ultrasound our friends came with us to the Plant City Strawberry Festival. We indulged in rides & fried festival food - I have a weakness for funnel cakes & have resisted buying one for years! We split two funnel cakes between 10 of us, that makes it not so bad, right?

The 4 oldest kids had a blast riding the swings - I loved the looks of joy on their faces! We also watched some pig racing & visited the farm animals.

Eddie & Sarah stayed with us through Tuesday & Sarah & I were able to get in our traditional movie night on Saturday. It just wouldn't have been a visit with Sarah without a movie & junk food! However, we weren't able to go until the 10:00 showing. That required sipping frappes (mine with added espresso) & eating candy just to stay awake. We made it home at 12:30 but lost sleep due to the time change that night! We missed the first meeting at church, but, not due to the time change - we couldn't find a set of car keys & we tore the house apart for 50 minutes looking for them!!! We were so late by that point that we stopped for bagels & coffee on our way to church.

Sunday afternoon we all went to Robert & Brianas' for lunch & then crashed at home the rest of the day. Eddie is quite the chef & he made us several different pizzas for dinner Sunday night - with pizza dough he'd been proofing for 2 days. It was delicious!

On Monday I hung out with Sarah & the kids. We took the kids to the park to zipline & walk around & then, miraculously, we were able to watch a movie & eat ice cream while the littlest ones napped & the older kids crafted. It was wonderful!

They left us on Tuesday but came back for one more night on Friday. The guys took the 4 oldest that night & Sarah & I - you guessed it - enjoyed a double feature. One movie while the guys were gone & one when they arrived home. Saturday morning Sarah & I took the little boys with us to the farmers market. We had such fun & the boys enjoyed some fresh squeezed lemonade.

I'm glad we made the most of the visit, we never know when we'll get to see each other again!

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