Saturday, March 23, 2013

First tooth

On Sunday, my big girl, Addison, lost her first tooth! She was SO proud & excited! I took this photo the next morning after she woke up:

The tooth has been slightly loose for months now & on Sunday we went to a friends house for lunch after church. We stayed there all afternoon & something compelled Addison to let her 8-year-old friend, Moriah, try to pull her tooth. I'm sure it helped that Moriahs' mom told Addison if she pulled her tooth while there she could pick a prize from the prize basket. Moriahs' dad told Addison that he would give her a dollar & that Ray would give her a dollar, too!

Ray videoed the whole thing. We ended up with a crowd of 6 kids & 3 adults watching Addison getting her tooth pulled. Moriah couldn't do it - at one point she said, "one...two...oops, wrong tooth!" Her 10-year-old sister, Lydia, took over & with a quick yank pulled out Addisons' tooth.

The "tooth fairy" (aka Ray) left her $10 for her first tooth (he toyed with the idea of $20 - much more generous than if I were the tooth fairy!). Addison also got to keep her tooth as she requested in her note to the tooth fairy. She also received a note back. Her first lost tooth comes just three months shy of the six-year mark of her first tooth coming in.

Addison was so excited that the next morning she took my phone camera & took OVER 80 PHOTOS of herself!

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Anonymous said...

It is exciting! MEANWHILE, my E lost her first tooth recently (4yrs9mnths old) and I only left $2 from the tooth fairy!And I thought it might be too much. LOL

Lisa :)
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