Saturday, June 09, 2007

Now, I haven't written much about Addison lately but we have some new developments! Last week she turned six-months-old. This week, on Tuesday, she cut her first tooth! Addison's also been sitting up on her own for a few weeks now & can hold onto things & stand up (she can even balance on her own for a second or two).

Addison's still not all that active, though. I remember when I was pregnant she didn't kick much & she's rather still even now. Remember how she was rolling over for awhile there? Well, around three months old she seemed to decide it was no fun anymore & I think she's only rolled once since. She's also not into her jumper. She likes to play with the toys on it but doesn't care to jump.

She's still very smiley & oh so talkative. Addison just babbles & babbles (even if she doesn't know what she said I heard "mama" this past Sunday - some friends heard it, too), belly laughs, blows raspberries, & scrunches up her nose & sniffs over & over (I did that when I was teething, too!).

She loves people & flirting with guys. She gets rather quiet & subdued when new people are around but after a bit she gets comfortable & starts socializing. A couple weeks ago she kind of started waving "hi" at times! We're having so much fun with her!

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