Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beach Day

Yesterday we met some of our friends in Siesta Key for a day at the beach. Conveniently, we were a mere 10 minutes from Trader Joes! (Yes, Briana & I planned that!) After eating sandwiches on the beach she & I left for the store while the guys stayed with the kids on the beach. Baby Samuel came with us, though!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, shopping for inexpensive yet quality staples & also a few splurges. Two things I always buy there: chocolate covered espresso beans, dark chocolate caramel with black seas salt bar & gorgonzola gnocchi.

Back at the beach we hung out for a few more hours. The kids had so much fun together! Clay ran around chasing seasgulls and Kate "swam" through the sand. I'm merely posting this picture because it cracks me up that I caught Avery mid-fall!

Samuels' first trip to the beach! (My friends are all so pretty!)

I was 26 weeks yesterday - bigger than I've ever been this early on!

It began to lightly rain but it didn't last long & we settled at some picnic tables & grilled hotdogs for dinner. They were so intrigued watching the fire on the grill.

On the drive home we all stopped at Coldstone for ice cream. What a treat! And, a fun end to the day!

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