Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Support Manager

Last October I went through training in Virginia for a new position I was offered with Classical Conversations. Remember that vacation we took, driving through the mountains & visiting Jamestown? It was simply our way of getting a vacation out of a necessary trip! After all of our family fun Ray & the kids dropped me off at my hotel & then they took off to drive home, with a stop in TN to stay at his grandfathers' property, going hiking & visiting waterfalls. (He's such an amazing dad!!!)

Anyway, after my four days of onsite training, my weeks became filled with one or two training calls a week, & lots more work, on top of directing my local community.

The intensive work really began in December, right when my morning sickness kicked in! Definitely didn't plan any of that!

Both jobs have kept me very busy, some days (weeks) more so than others.

On the focused level, I'm Foundations/Essentials director Classical Conversation Tampa Central. On a broader level, I'm Support Manager Tampa East, managing all of the communities in the area, developing new communities, contracting & training new directors, organizing practicum, etc.

My contract became official in January & I've been so busy that I've never taken the time to even write about it!

The busy schedule comes in seasons, so some times it feels like smooth sailing and other weeks there is zero time & I can barely get in the kids schooling, much less keeping up with the home. This week has been one of those work weeks, but, I have 5 meetings down & only one or two more (until next week!).

Today, I'm determined to get our school day completed, get the house cleaned up & some laundry done & actually make dinner tonight!


Tricia said...

i wish i was still there to watch those sweet children <3

The Vaughns said...
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