Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Two weeks ago we took off & drove to a campground along the Suwanee River. We met up with some of our friends & set up camp for two days, Thursday-Saturday. It was such fun!

We remembered the tent poles this time.

We were with a group of people I knew.

It wasn't muggy & raining with mosquitos biting.

I had a lovely comfy air mattress to sleep on!  I'd never slept on an air mattress before & I was surprised by how comfy it was, even at 23 weeks pregnant.

It was a bit cold!

The first night it got down into the 30s!!! That would be the first night that I would get a leg cramp this pregnancy, while inside a mummy sleeping bag. After that I couldn't go back to sleep, really needed to use the bathroom & was hungry. There was no way I was going out into the cold! Plus, I didn't have a light or the van keys to get to the food. I finally willed myself back to sleep!

We had a near constant campfire (which was great with the cold! ), lots of hot chocolate, s'mores & hot dogs.

We didn't cook for every meal, there was also a little restaurant onsite where we ate at a few times.

We also fished, canoed & went to the hot tub. 

Yes, the pfd is a big sister hand-me-down, but, the sunglasses were simply because I couldn't find the ones that belong to Clay! He wears the look with such confidence, don't you think?

With it being Easter weekend we dyed eggs with the kids & hunted them.

It was definitely my best experience camping yet!

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