Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Surgery & recovery

On Monday Addison had an adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy. It was outpatient, so quick! We arrived at 8:30 & we were discharged before 11:00!

My biggest concern was how Addison would react to the anesthesia. When she had her double hernia repaired two years ago the anesthesia made her throw up so much that they had to hold us at the hospital longer & she still threw up on the car ride home. I couldn't imagine that happening to her after just having her tonsils removed!

Thankfully, this physician uses very little narcotics, which is what usually causes the nausea, so she only threw up once. When we were about to leave Addison requested a wheelchair from the nurse since she had seen another child leave in one. They granted that request. Addison also asked them if she could see her tonsils & adenoids - they did NOT grant that one.

Mother Daughter Bracelets.

We had a low-key day on Monday & took it easy. Addison has been doing really well. We were told that the third day (today) should be the worst. I've been expecting her to be in a lot of pain, but, she's only had minimal complaints & mentions that her throat is sore. She's refused all pain meds since we arrived home from the surgery center. Each day I expect she'll crash, but, so far, so good. I have kept us home - I think tomorrow we'll need an escape!

Addison is supposed to have minimal activity for 1-2 weeks. If she were in school they said to keep her home for two weeks! Of course, lucky girl that she is, Addison still gets to do school this week. :)

Because she's supposed to be still I've let her watch netflix in an attempt to keep her from running around too much. She loves dancing so one of her choices was an Christmas Rockettes show. Kate was totally inspired & dressed herself up to dance, too.

Yesterday Addison received a lovely bunch of flowers from the ladies at church & today she received another bouquet from her secret pal from church. She's been so excited to get her own flowers! (I was quite happy that there were no lilies in the bunch as those are one flower to which I'm allergic).

We were supposed to head to Disney this weekend but had to postpone for a couple of weeks. I don't mind too much as Disney isn't really my first choice to spend our anniversary!

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