Friday, May 17, 2013

Finales and Cravings

Last night we watched the finale of one of our old favorites, The Office. It went through a bit of a slump, but, I think it kind of picked up again this year.

Ray & I typically watch it on demand but we watched the finale as it aired. In fact, it's the only show we watch together (& the only show Ray watches consistently). Most nights Ray is home after the kids are already in bed so sometimes we go weeks before we get a chance to even watch it together. Case in point: we rented a redbox movie LAST Saturday, fell asleep a few minutes into it & it's still setting on our shelf, unwatched. (normally I would've returned it by now but I've been home most of the week while Addison recovers & yesterday was the first night Ray got home before dark)

I was also craving brownies last night. Rather than making a whole batch, I compromised, and made the microwave mug brownies in our Office mugs.

Today, I randomly saw a recipe for a Chocolate Chip Cookie in a mug. I figured it was a sign & I had to try it.

It's portion controlled so it doesn't count as much, right?!

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