Saturday, May 18, 2013

11 years

That's right, our eleven year wedding anniversary is today!

Last year we spent our anniversary touring vineyards & eating at a French bistro along the water in Napa Valley.

This year we spent most of the day at home working around the house. I asked Ray to work on putting the girls room together for our anniversary. I gave Ray a card & his favorite frappuccino from Starbucks.

I also took apart our washing machine, in search of answers as to why I can always hear water sloshing around the bottom of the drum. I didn't think it was right but I couldn't find any solid answers online. (google, the source of knowledge!) I disassembled the machine & then got Ray to help for a bit.

A bunch of water drained out into the wet vac but we could still hear water sloshing around! I was going crazy. More & more research finally found an answer: If no water is visible in the basket and you hear a "sloshing water sound", it could be the normal sound of the washer's balance ring. The balance ring is an enclosed plastic container partially filled with a saltwater solution. It is attached to the inner clothes basket and allows the basket to spin smoothly during an out-of-balance situation.

For dinner, I picked up Five Guys, ice cream & a movie from redbox.

Not 11 days in California together like last year, but, just as wonderful being able to relax & spend time together!

1 comment :

Megan Lee said...

Those french fries look so gooooood.

And happy anniversary! :)


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