Monday, May 20, 2013


Yesterday we had our graduation dinner potluck after church. I hadn't planned to be there - initially, we were supposed to be at Disney. Once Addison had her surgery scheduled we cancelled Disney, but, I expected to be home with her after I heard about difficult recoveries. Praise the Lord, her recovery was a piece of cake, but, it left me with no idea what to bring to the potluck!

I went through my pinterest board for dessert ideas & realized I really like the salt/caramel/chocolate combo. Well, I already knew I liked it,but, apparently I'm a bit obsessed with it! I couldn't decide on just one dessert so I made two. Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies & Salt River Bars.

The brownies were okay. The recipe said to double the brownies. I did & if I make them again I won't. I think it threw the proportions off a bit. I also don't think I used enough pretzels.

The Salt River Bars - OH. MY. The ingredients sound a little strange (crackers!) but these were incredible! The flavor combination was amazing. And, they're so simple, there's not even any cooking involved! (other than making a simple caramel sauce) Trust me. Make these, try not to eat them all, bring them to a party, be the rave dessert. It'll happen.

(Pardon the blurry phone photo of the desserts already partially eaten at the potluck)

In other news, today we had our first real thunderstorm of the season - complete with hail! The girls have t-ball on Monday afternoons & Rays' mom took off of work so that she could watch the girls play. Since this is Ray's thing she picked up the kids to take them to the field & my plan was to do a quick phone interview & clean the house while everyone was gone. Instead, as we were loading the kids into the car, it began to rain. It was the perfect thunderstorm & I couldn't resist putting on Frasier & making a cup of coffee to relax for 20 minutes, the same way I used to do before kids.

As I was enjoying the weather I began to hear clunking & sure enough, it was hail!

T-ball was cancelled so I ended up only having enough time for the interview before the kids got home & my house is still a mess!

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