Saturday, May 11, 2013

This week

On Thursday Whole Foods was having special events in honor of mothers day. Special gift bags (filled with really great goodies!), a story/craft time for the kids & LOTS of samples throughout the store. We met up there with some friends & their kids. First was story time - the kids colored & drank green smoothies while the story was read & then they got to make their own fruit kabobs.

While we were walking around the store tasting samples, Claire and Addison orchestrated lunch at Chick fil a! The moms were agreeable so, for the second time in a week, we ate at Chick fil a.

On Friday the kids & I had another treat when Rays' dad called & treated us to lunch at Five Guys. I can never turn down Five Guys!

Yesterday I was training more directors at my house, 8am-5:30pm, so Ray took the kids out for the day. They spend time with Grandma & Pop Pop picking blueberries and also went up to his dads' farm. While they were visiting the animals, the kids were standing behind Ray & a horse was in front of him. All of a sudden, the horse became excited, jumped & turned & took off & in the process kicked Addison in the face!

Thank the Lord it didn't make direct contact with her cheek, but, rather grazed the side of her face & only left scratches & a tiny bit of bruising. I couldn't believe it when they came home!

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