Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The week of summer

This week has been packed full of fun!

One of our friends from CC is hosting a neighborhood VBS this week so I've been taking the kids to that. The lessons this week are on the story or Jonah and the kids really seem to be enjoying that. On the first day we ended up hanging out with our friends at their house after VBS was over. The kids went swimming in the pool & we all enjoyed lunch together, hanging out into the afternoon.

Ray has a week & a half of training keeping him out of the office & we've been greatly enjoying the shorter work hours. He hasn't been leaving until after the kids have woken up in the morning & his training ends around 4 so he can make it home by 5! That's a big switch from his typical arrival home from work after 8pm.

I hadn't done much work since Saturday and had a LOT to catch up on. I also had a certificate for a free drink at Starbucks so I left around 7:30 & went to get some work done without interruptions. After an hour & a half I felt so good about everything I had done. Until I looked at the to-do list I'd made myself & hadn't crossed a single thing off the list! I'd spent the 1.5 hours just answering e-mails.

On Tuesday we had to skip VBS because we had a pool birthday party to attend for one of the neighbor kids in the morning. After the pool party we drove to another friends house from CC on Davis Islands in South Tampa.

My friend, Michele, wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday so her girls watched the kids while we went out. We had a delicious meal at Pane Rustica. Oh, it was delicious!

After lunch we went back to her house & let the kids swim while we sat inside & talked. Because Ray is getting off of work early & only works five minutes from their house, he met us there.

Clay enjoyed playing with their kitten.

Around 6:30 we headed out to IKEA, where kids eat free on Tuesdays. Clay was really excited to go!

Addison wanted her picture - she just can't resist making the silly faces, though!

Kate wanted me to take a picture of her nails that had been painted by her older girl friends that day.

When we're leaving IKEA the kids love to run down the huge wide aisles with Ray. Clay turned to me while they were running away & said, "Mom, you not come!" Don't worry, buddy, I had no intentions of running through IKEA.

Today we stopped at Panera on our way to VBS to use a gift card & while there ran into another mom from CC! It was nice to catch up & chat with her for awhile.

As soon as VBS was over, the kids & I drove an hour across town to Oldsmar to visit a friend from CC, Jenny, & her kids.

We arrived home around dinner time & I treated the kids to pizza. We're were so tired & when I put the kids to bed at 8 I laid down with the girls & fell asleep for an hour! This also meant I was wide awake past midnight, which was good because Ray didn't get home from church until after midnight.

If only it were that easy for all of us to take a nap!

Today it's back to VBS for water day & pizza day & then we have gymnastics this afternoon. I think tomorrow we only have VBS, I'm so looking forward to an afternoon at home!

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