Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nesting and such

We wrapped up our busy week with water & pizza day at VBS on Thursday. Water day was always my favorite part of VBS growing up!

On Friday we had planned to stay for a bit after VBS so that the kids could swim. This turned into a slumber party for Kate, she & her friend were so excited!

We arrived home around 3 & Ray made it home an hour later! I wish his schedule could be like that all of the time, I could get used to the kids & I getting to see him every morning & night.

He & Clay put together the little styrofoam glider I bought Clay for his birthday at the Target Dollar Spot. Clay LOVES planes - even if something isn't a plane he'll fly it all over.

He was very thrilled with the glider & liked watching as Ray made it fly in loops.

Today was spent with Ray working on the girls room, me going out to buy my home birth supplies, picking up Kate & running some errands. When I got home I went into cleaning mode - deep cleaning & organizing mode. There was a movie Ray wanted to watch & was wondering when I'd be ready. I finally made myself stop at 10 - I could've kept going! I told Ray this is what nesting looks like.

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Tricia said...

I miss you all so much.


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