Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Visit with Gram

On Monday my grandmother, "Gram," & her husband, Dick, came over for a visit. They spend part of the year in Kentucky and part of the year in Florida - it had been a year & a half since I'd seen them!

The kids were so excited about the visit. They love Papa Dick & sat on his lap while he read to them.

About halfway through their visit Clay disappeared. He had once again deemed himself too tired to visit & put himself down for a nap. He'll sleep about anywhere (right now he's sleeping on the family room floor).

The visit was short but it was nice to catch up. It had been much too long! (Here I am just over 36 weeks along)

My girls love to dance and my grandmother & her husband dance so they tried to teach the girls The Charleston. It was cute, but, unsuccessful.

Addison was determined to try & balance on one leg in this photo. Too determined to smile!

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my friend, Barbara, from work. She used to live here & moved to Brazil 1.5 years ago but it back for the summer. We spent the afternoon at my house catching up - four hours of chatting just flew by!

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GREG PFLUG said...

i love seeing that your children live barefoot in swim suits!


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