Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thirty Flirty and Thriving!

Yesterday began relatively normal. I was looking forward to breakfast with Briana; she had called the night before & told me she was taking me out to breakfast. It's not like her to be so assertive, but, I didn't think too much of it & just checked with Ray to make sure it was okay.

She picked me up around 8:30 & we went to one of my favorite breakfast spots, First Watch. It was so nice, we'd never been able to go out alone together! My meal as delicious, even if I did have lots of left overs due to the limited capacity of my stomach right now.

After breakfast we left the restaurant and stood outside chatting for a bit. I was in no rush, but, Briana finally told me, "This is kind of awkward, but, we can't leave yet. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but, someone else is picking you up."

I was very surprised! I told her if someone else was getting me I was going to use the restroom first. When I came out Ray was waiting for me in the van outside - with no kids!

He told me he had dropped them off with Aimee & he had also loaded down with snacks - raisinets, junior mints, peanut m&ms & popcorn. We were off to the movies to see Iron Man 3! He knew I'd been dying to see it. The movie was at Citrus Park mall so I was able to stop at the Starbucks inside & use my free birthday drink certificate.

The movie was great & it was such a fun surprise date! We walked around the mall & went into New York & Co. to look at their huge sale. I found three tops that I knew would work well after the baby is born. I'm able to wear one now, which is a good thing because one strap on the shirt I was wearing broke during the movie! (I forgot that it had started to tear when I put it on that morning)

After the wardrobe chance it was time for lunch - I decided ice cream from Cold Stone would be the perfect lunch!

As Ray was paying someone walked up behind me & said, "Hi, friend!" It was Erin! I was really surprised because she was supposed to be at the beach. One of the busiest girls I know & I knew she had a packed day so I was extra surprised to see her.

After the ice cream Ray left & Erin took me to the salon for pedicures! She knows me so well. I hadn't told anyone, but, I'd been dying to go for a pedicure for months!

Aren't they pretty? They look like mermaid colors!

After the pedicures we went to Barnes & Noble to sit & chat & drink coffee. That's one of my favorite things to do with friends, I so enjoy one-on-one uninterrupted conversation.

At 5:15 we had to leave because some friends from church had been planning a housewarming party. They just moved in two weeks ago & I felt bad because I had planned to go to the store that day so that I could get them a housewarming gift.

When Erin & I arrived we were walking up to the house when the garage door opened & it was filled with my friends yelling, "Surprise!" They totally got me! I truly believed we were going to a housewarming party & wasn't expecting this at all.

Everyone made sure to have some of my favorite foods there (olives, cheese) & they cooked out 20 pounds of Brazilian steak! The best!!!

Not only did our friends open their home just two weeks after moving in, but, it was also our hostesses actual birthday that day! I definitely felt the love.

When it came time for dessert I was in for another surprise. Ray had bought a huge cake ("Princess cake" - coconut & pineapple) from my favorite place for dessert, Wright's Deli. It's the kind of cake where the quality is so rich that every calorie is worth it! (all of the photos are taken with my phone so they aren't the best quality)

Briana, on top of everything else she did to help with the party & my special day, also made a red velvet trifle. She's phenomenal chef - I'm not usually a fan of red velvet cake & even I thought her dessert was delicious!

As everyone sang "happy birthday" to me I seriously expected to hear, "Happy birthday, dear Mommy..." I'm definitely in full-blown mom mode at this stage in life!

It was an incredible day! I absolutely loved being surprised the whole time - it meant I had no expectations! I left the house for breakfast at 8:30 in the morning & didn't end up getting home until 13 hours later! My birthday expectations for this year had been...nothing. I was just going to be grateful for another day, especially knowing how insane everything is for Ray at work right now. This day just blew me away! And, it was the perfect fit for my personality.

All of the ladies at my party.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful husband, family & friends for putting this together! My actual 30th birthday is on Tuesday, this was a great start to my new year!

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Happy Birthday :)


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