Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Today I spontaneously knocked off a couple of things from my ideal "get-it-done-before-the-baby-arrives" list.

It started out because I wanted a Chickfila Chicken Biscuit this morning and I was planning to go to BJ's Wholesale for some items. I remembered that I needed to stop at the bank to deposit all of my CC checks and that I needed to go to the post office to mail the expense sheet from practicum.

I never did make it to BJ's, but, Home Depot is right by the bank & we've had some bathtub tiles that have broken and/or fallen off that I've been meaning to fix for awhile. It's been driving me crazy!

I bought the bare minimum, mostly right sized tiles, cement & grout. Unfortunately, I didn't have a tile cutter & some of the sizing was a little off.

Here is one of the spots that I repaired today (there were also two others).


(Almost) After (I still need to touch up/wipe the grout):

I didn't tell Ray I was doing that & when he got home I found out that he has a tile cutter. Oh well. He was still really impressed that I did it. Plus, the builders who put in the originals did a really shoddy job so you can't really tell that their work has been replaced with mine.

The other thing I tackled today was the girls new room - a work in progress for well over a year now. Ray has painted (the girls chose the color), put in new floors, put in new baseboard & quarter round. He also put together the bunk bed that his dad bought the girls - a full on bottom & twin on top.

He still has to finish putting putty in the nail holes of the baseboard & then paint over it but it's been driving me CRAZY not having the girls in their own room for over a year. With the new hard floors Ray put in it's very easy to move the furniture so I figure that I can have the room set-up & then he can fix things when he gets the chance.

The big problem was the huge mess. You couldn't walk through the room - tools & trash everywhere & lots of piles of Rays' papers. That part took quite awhile to clean up. The stuff is still in the room, but, now it's mostly in the closet.

The girls were absolutely thrilled when they saw what I was doing. I got their beds made, curtain rod up & moved their dresser in there from Clays' room.

They were already enjoying the novelty of their own room together & playing games on the big bottom bed together.


Tricia said...

I love Kate's bedding. Does Addison's match? I'm impressed with you tile work, I know the tub looks so much better.

Briana said...

I really love the bedding, and I am pretty impressed about the tile. I usually have Robert hang pictures on the wall, I can't imagine I would take on a project like that!

Jessica Herbert said...

Yes, Addison has the same bedding, too!


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