Saturday, July 27, 2013

Still waiting, still healing

The news that everyone is asking about: NO BABY YET. Still waiting. I'm officially due today.

I'm really kind of hoping that he doesn't arrive until the end of next week so that I can be completely better from this cold turned sinus infection. On Wednesday it turned into a sinus infection & I certainly don't want to be in labor with that! Thankfully, I started treating it right away & it didn't get to bad.

Last night was the first time in awhile that I slept for more than 5 hours. It was wonderful! I had so much more energy today.

The problem with being so congested it that I'm breathing through my mouth which then makes my throat even more dry & sore. And, I can't sleep with the fan on because it dries me out so much that the lesser of two evils is being hot while I sleep.

I'm trying to make up for the time that was lost while we were all sick & get some things taken care of before #4 arrives.

On Thursday the kids & I went to IKEA & I bought the eight cubby expedit shelves for our kitchen. I put it under the whiteboards & the sole purpose will be to store all of our school books. Last year it drove me crazy having the school books in 3-4 different places around the house.

I didn't tell Ray I was getting these & when he was to work on Friday I put them together to surprise him when he arrived home.

I'm so glad that he liked them! I can't wait to reorganize everything & fill up the shelves.

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