Saturday, July 20, 2013

Two Weeks

I don't know if I've ever gone two weeks between posts before! I don't want to be "that" person. However, computer time is mostly reserved to working right now or completely vegging out. I know I could just post from my phone but it always puts the pictures out of order & I don't like typing posts on there so I end up putting off posting.

In the past two weeks or so we enjoyed a Fourth of July celebration with some friends from church. It had started off smaller, just us & Robert & Briana going to the beach with the kids like last year but then others decided to join us. Unfortunately, we were rained out but instead we were able to cook out at one of the family homes. It was quite nice! Ironically, it was the Canadians who hosted us & made a patriotic dish.

Last week was our Classical Conversations three-day parent practicum in Tampa. That was A LOT of work. It was really great but I can't wait for next year to get some of the kinks worked out!

The last day of the practicum was free Chickfila day if you dress like a cow. The kids & I stopped on our way to the practicum for breakfast & then when we got home in the evening we were for a late 8:00 dinner with Ray.

Aren't they cute???

My plan for this past week was to wrap up loose ends & last-minute items before the arrival of the baby. Instead, after church last Sunday, Addison & Clay both came down with very low fevers, topping out at 102. I haven't had to even give anyone any meds because it's been so mild. Addisons' fever was gone by the next morning but Clay was still low-grade & he was congested & coughing.

We stayed home for the day but everyone was fine Tuesday so I took the kids to VBS that night at 56th street. They had so much fun & I enjoyed getting to catch up with some old friends!

We had to skip Wednesday but we went back Thursday night. July is a very busy work month for Ray as he wraps up the fiscal year but he was able to get off of work early on Thursday & surprised the kids by meeting us at VBS at 7:30. They hadn't seen him since Sunday so I'm really glad he could make it!

Everyone had been fine all day but during VBS Clay suddenly became lethargic, coughing & felt warm so I took him home. His fever was back & the kids & I have all been battling this illness ever since. Addison came down with a low fever again yseterday & Kate finally succumbed, too. I've not had a fever but I feel like my throat has razor blades in it, I've nearly lost my voice & my rib cage just aches from coughing & blowing my nose so much. As anxious as I am for the baby to get here I'm hoping to be better first & be able to get some solid sleep first.

I was able to get a few things done before I took a turn for the worse last week. One thing on my list was to make some gluten-free freezer meals. Not just for when the baby comes but also for those busy crazy days. I'm happy to now have ten "just-in-case" meals in our freezer.

I also pulled a bunch of my CC supplies from all three cycles in from the garage & also finished my list of what I'll need for the 24 weeks of art & science projects we'll be doing on campus this coming year.

It starts off so nice & organized:

Once I begin going through everything it looks like this:

And, because I haven't felt well, it's now looked like that in my living room for days. I'm ready for that mess to be cleaned up!

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