Sunday, August 04, 2013

Jackson Cole

We were able to make our final decision on a name Friday: Jackson Cole.

Even after we decide I always feel so unsure about the name for awhile. Ray doesn't really like Jackson, he prefers Jack. I've liked the name Jackson since I was a teenager, before it was popular. Cole simply came from a list of potential middle names that Ray & some of his co-workers came up with the other week & I like how it sounded. Ray has always put more say into our kids' names (only because I'm so indecisive) so he had me make the final decision this time.

Everything is going very well, I just love adding new babies to the family! The kids have been ecstatic. They were at VBS when he was born & were thrilled when they arrived home that night & Jackson was here!

Clay spent about 5 minutes petting his head & singing to him. Clay also said that he was going to show the baby his airplanes & race cards (prized possessions) & share them.

In the morning the first things the kids have been doing is rushing into my room to see the baby. The just can't seem to kiss & cuddle him enough! (Yes, Addison decided her bangs needed a trim a few weeks ago - eek!)

Ray was able to take two days off of work this time & it was wonderful! I was able to hole up in my bedroom with the baby & rest. I know from previous experience what it's like to wear my body down after having a baby so I wanted to take every opportunity to heal this time. The most difficult part is that the kids are dying to see Jackson so Ray made sure to keep them with him so I could rest.

We also made a family trip to Target when Jackson was 16 hours old - I needed coffee! It took several tries, but, I finally got a photo where all of the kids weren't crowding around the stroller admiring the baby.

Since Ray took the next day off, too, he was also able to come to Jacksons' first check-up with us & my post-partum visit. It was definitely nice having him come along so that I didn't have to do it alone like I did when Clay was born.

We also took our first family photo at my visit at the birth center.

Ray was still taking the older kids to VBS during the week so Thursday night I took advantage of the down time & went to Barnes & Noble to relax with some coffee & magazines while Jackson chilled in his car seat.

Ray was back to work on Friday but one of the teen girls from my Classical Conversations group came over for the day to help out around the house & with the other kids. It was so nice to have an extra day to relax! And, I was touched because it was her idea to volunteer to help.

Ray had to go straight from work to VBS so I drove the kids there for the last night. I didn't stick around for long (& while I was there Jackson was in the sling) because the doctor advised keeping him out of crowds where people would want to hold & touch him & it would be easier for him to get sick. Because I had to stay in the area in order to take the kids home (Ray was at church late cleaning up) Jackson & I had another Barnes & Noble date!

I've just been enjoying all of this time to relax & enjoy his first days.


Tricia said...

I do like his name, but when I verbally tell people what it is, they all ask, "Jackson Hole?"

Jessica said...

Yes, I've only had one person mention that so far. After all of the names I've heard I know it could be worse!

villagegirl said...

Congratulations!! I just got home from being away and was excited to see if you'd had your baby! I love the name Jackson. But hubby vetoed it. :) Glad you and baby boy are doing well.


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