Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sweet Rest

I just love having newborns. I get such a euphoria after I have a baby. There's just something about this sweet, tiny, little person that snuggles up so well in my arms. I know that not every woman feels that way & my heart really breaks for those who suffer from post-partum depression because I'm pretty sure they feel the exact opposite as I.

This time around I've really been able to enjoy this last week. The days that Ray was home last week I just holed up in the bedroom with the baby most of the time, resting & snuggling him.

We had our orientation for our new year with Classical Conversations on Tuesday night so I spent most of the day Tuesday working & prepping everything I needed for the evening. But, until next Tuesday, my work e-mail is in "vacation" mode with a lovely "out of office" auto-response message. It has been so freeing. It's not that I won't check my e-mails, but, I needed people to realize that this week work is not a priority and not to expect me to get back to them right away.

I've also been letting my phone go to voice mail a LOT.

Wow. I never thought it would feel so liberating to put those things on hold.

The summer was very work heavy but I kept up with it knowing that I would be taking this break at the end. And, it feels so nice.

It has also made me determined to keep better & more consistent office hours this coming year.

Yep, I'm just loving relaxing with the kids right now. This little guy sleeps a lot but I have managed to get a photo with his eyes open! (kind of)

I finally started lesson planning yesterday. Ray was gone all day (as in neither the kids nor I saw him in the morning before he left & we were all in bed before he got home) so in the afternoon I turned on netflix for the oldest & then went to my room with Jackson. So relaxing.

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