Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Science and Parties

Over the weekend we attended a double birthday party at monkey business. It was crazy! It's so loud, kudos to the employees for making it through each day!

We had the last party of the day, which was great because we ended up with the play area to ourselves by the end! 

The best part was after it cleared out & the dad's decided to time each other to see who could make it through the obstacle the quickest. 

Here's a few of them, pockets emptied & ready to race! 


Going back to Wednesday, MOSI had their free 
homeschool day so I took the kids for a couple of hours. They had lots of fun! 

I found out that homeschoolers can get a one-year family pass for less than $50! I did that & am looking forward to going again with Ray.

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