Friday, September 13, 2013

A mess of fun

This has been occupying my time since Saturday night:

Bin upon bin of kids clothing. The attic is filled with rubbermaid bins & the garage had begun filling up with more bags of clothes that I'd toss in there as I changed out the kids to bigger sizes. I believe we were at a count of around 15 rubber maids PLUS bags/boxes in the garage!

We wanted to get everything put away so we took the bins down Saturday night in order to add the bags of clothes in the garage to them.

Even though the bins are labeled, I hadn't done a very good job of keeping everything sorted properly. I also didn't realize just hoe jam-packed full the bins were & that nothing else would fit in them. Thus began the very long process of going through every bit of clothing & determining just what to keep.

People have been so generous passing on clothes & I kept most everything without weeding through what/how much we really needed. Especially the baby stuff. I ended up with SO much to get rid of, I was able to fit everything in the bins we have & even have an empty bin leftover! Because, really, babies grow so fast that you just don't need tons of 0-6 month clothing. I did have difficulty making the decision to get rid of certain items, though!

Anyway, this project has occupied all of my time this week. I've neglected all other household chores & have done minimal cooking in order to get this done.

I did keep up with school, though, I just couldn't let that slide.

Except for yesterday. I didn't get to go through any clothes yesterday, but, I did have a training webinar in the morning & then around lunch time we met up with Amy & her girls at the library for a play date.

We were enjoying ourselves so much that we then took the party to Sonic for a late lunch!

I started getting a monstrous headache while we were out. Our first ladies Bible study of the year was that night so I popped 4 ibuprofen and was just feeling well enough to make it. Addison started coming with me last year & I told Kate that she could start coming with me this year. Ray was really hoping they'd stay home to hang out with him because he hadn't seen them in a few days. The girls still decided to come with me. There aren't usually more than one or two other kids there but last night a bunch of the girls friends were there because they didn't have alternate childcare.

I had to make the call to stick to my guns & have the kids sit with me in the meeting rather than playing with their friends in another room. I wanted to let them play, but, since they said they wanted to come with me I'd told them that coming to the meeting is a privilege & if they didn't want to sit in the meeting than they didn't need to come at all. If I hadn't set that precedent already I probably would have let them play. I'll be interested to see what they decide to do next month.

Anyway, all of those clothes finally made it to their resting place at noon today. I was so happy! I love organization. I also finally got back to cleaning the rest of the house. We also started catching up on school since we skipped yesterday!

We actually have a pretty free weekend ahead of us, I'm looking forward to see what comes up.

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