Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stay at home date night

This is a picture of a very typical 
Date night for us. The kids in bed, I make pizza bread for dinner, there's Pepsi & we Netflix a movie or pick-up something from redbox.

Sometimes we splurge & get five guys.  I loooooove five guys....

This little guy stayed up with us for the first 30 minutes of the movie. I just couldn't let that sweet little face go to bed, I was enjoying 
him too much!


Dessert at its finest (I still remember how to spell "dessert" correctly by thinking of the saying "dessert has strawberry shortcake & desert has sand." That way I always know I have the correct spelling.)

This has been our newest favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor, Chocolate peppermint crunch. Oh my. Just try it! 

It's a good thing the container is only a pint because I could just keep eating this stuff. 

Tonight's movie feature was the latest Star Trek. It was great, even if I did make it an hour in before falling asleep! 

I love when Ray & I get to have these at home date nights. Lately, we've been pretty good & able to have one most every week. I'd love to be able to go out more often but this is what works for us right now. 

What about anyone else? What do you do for date nights with your spouse? 

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Anonymous said...

I love at-home-date-nights! Kids to bed, dvd on, treat food (for us it is usually Indian Take Away Curries as our kids are allergic to nuts and can't eat them).


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