Monday, September 16, 2013

Medieval History Projects

This our history for Classical Conversations Cycle 2 begins with the medieval period. Studying medieval history lends itself to all kind of awesome projects.

A couple of weeks ago we had been reading about the Haggia Sophia, which was the largest church in Constantinople, & the mosaics within. I decided a fun project would be to create our own "mosaics."

I had only planned on the girls making them, but, Clay really wanted to make one as well. He did a great job! On the other hand, my oldest became frustrated & ended up throwing her gems across the room. Needless to say, she didn't get to join us for the project after that.

In order to make our mosaics we used old large glass jars, gemstones from the Dollar Tree & my hot glue gun. (this was a constantly supervised activity)

The kids loved it & had so much fun! Because we used jars we can also use them as pretty candle holders.

For another project I was inpsired by another homeschool friend & the kids made rice krispie treat "castles."

They really ended up looking a little more like mounds, but, the kids loved it & it gave them something for their presentation at CC the next day!

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