Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another Saturday

Tonight we had a nice little upgrade to our date night and used the rest of our gift card for Five Guys.

We tried a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's tonight, Pina Colada. I've been wanting to try it for awhile & it didn't disappoint! The flavor wasn't as decadent as some of the others, but, it was deliciously light and rich. I ate bad, but, at least I worked out 5 days this week!

Our movie for the night was World War Z. Very good! I told Ray that's what's going to happen if we keep eating GMO foods....

Our big event for the day was that some of friends from church came over this afternoon with their kids, kicked us out of the house & cleaned it for us (as a baby gift). What a blessing! It was rather difficult at first for me to let go & let friends see my messy dirty house. I was close to trying to convince them not to come, but, I pushed my pride out of the way & took the unexpected help. After they arrived they asked if our kids wanted to stay & help clean, too, while Ray & I went out alone (with Jackson, of course).

We had a gift card for Barnes & Noble that we received at Christmas & we were finally able to use it. That was just an added bonus!

I'm incredibly thankful for such wonderful friends.

The Lord knew exactly what was needed this week, too. I had a really rough day Wednesday. Due to unforeseen circumstances that had popped up since arriving home from our trip 2 weeks ago, I hadn't been able to clean to house AT ALL. All "free" time was being devoted to other necessary work and the dirtiness finally got to me. What really bothered me was the fact that I wasn't being lazy, but, no matter how hard I worked I couldn't catch up!

It got so bad on WEdnesday that I began feeling more & more anxious & by days end my body was aching, I was nauseous & my throat was starting to feel raw. I even called Ray to come home instead of going to church because I was feeling so bad. I figured I was either exhausted or getting sick so I went to bed before 10. I've never had a feeling like that before & it's not like me to let things get to me so much - that's how you can know it was really bad!

I woke up better Thursday morning & we had another good day of school & I finally began making a dent on house work & then was able to do "work" work after the kids were in bed.

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