Friday, November 15, 2013

Simple Everyday

I miss looking at my blog & seeing day-to-day life chronicled. I've fallen so short on keeping this up over the past year & I miss having the little posts that used to be sandwiched between the big ones.

So, here is my effort to bring that back.

Wednesday was C-O-L-D!!! As in, I never saw it go above 60 degrees & the wind was blowing like crazy, making it feel colder. It was quite a fun change & I surprised the kids by making them hot chocolate at home in extra Starbucks cups I had & taking them to Target. Addison insisted that I take a picture of she & I holding our drinks together in the store.

Thursday evening was our ladies meeting & this month I brought part of the dinner. I'm still impressed that I managed to make a couple things to bring to the meeting and still make my own family dinner!

Friday morning we went to Brianas' for a get together. Everyone else was sick/busy so it was just us!

She always makes the cutest things. I think I might steal this one for Thanksgiving this year!

The kids all had fun playing together.

We left around noon & then we met up together at Target at 4:00 so that we could get coffee together. I received $35 in Starbucks gift cards this week & holiday drinks were BOGO!

Clay & Audrey are absolutely adorable together. Clay watches out for her when he thinks the other kids aren't treating her right. After I took the below picture I looked over & Audrey was standing next to Clay rubbing his back with one hand. Added to that, every night Clay prays, "Thank you for Audrey & thank you for Avery. Amen."

After getting home Addison was sitting next to me on the sofa & asked to hold Jackson. I just loved the smile on her face 7 how happy she is with her brother!

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