Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our day at Classical Conversations

I absolutely love my Classical Conversations community. Growing up homeschooled I can truly say, "This isn't your mamas' co-op!" (actually, it's not a co-op, it's an academic support group)

I try to get the kids & I out the door between 7:15-7:30 so that we can make it to our facility by 8:15. As director I just like to make sure I'm there a little early to get things situated.

This week we had a theme of "crazy hair" so I didn't leave that early. I was too busy making sure our hair was crazy.

My attempt at crazy hair didn't go so well. I ended up just looking like I had bad 80's hair PLUS I accidentally covered up most of the gold. I used two of the halloween clearance colored hair spray - one was gold & one was green sparkles!

After the tutors have set-up their rooms for the day I meet with them for a time of prayer. Here are some of my wonderful tutors! Special shout-out to Terri, who fully embraced the crazy hair!

After tutor prayer the entire campus gathers for morning assembly: prayer, pledge & (family) presentation. The lovely Karlyn leads morning assembly for me each week.

Jackson with his surrogate Aunt Jenn

Because this was our last week meeting before Winter break we called up everyone with a birthday in November/December. That's grandpa in the middle. He is the grandfather of one of my tutors' husbands & lives with their family so he joins us on campus each week. He's about to turn 97! He's also a hoot & everyone LOVES Grandpa!

Pledge to the Bible

Pledge to the flag

The Lee family was the first to present this week. Mrs. Lees sister just came into town from Korea & joined us for the day - they hadn't seen each other in 13 years!

The Leslie family was next to present & all but two of their immediate family members were there. Mrs. Leslie is also our awesome Challenge B tutor!

Masters 1 class going over science for the week. This week we learned about the zodiac constellations.

Inserting lights to show the constellations.

Masters 2 class with their completed constellations

Jackson was pretty bored with it all. He can still sleep just about anywhere & is often seen passed out in my arms

I stopped in for a quick visit with Challenge A

Voice of the Martyrs came in for a special presentation with the Challenge A & B classes

Journeyman class playing a tic tac toe review game

Jackson, always popular

Also, quite the ladies' man

The abecedarian class going over the tin whistle in fine arts - Grandpa looks pretty excited to be there!

The last day of the quarter is always pizza day!!! My favorite day - it's always so nice not to worry about packing lunch!

There was also a bake sale going on during lunch to help raise money for Challenge B mock trial. I may've overindulged in some really delicious goodies!

In the afternoon the 4th-6th graders attend Essentials, a grammar/writing/math program. With this being the last week of the quarter the students were able to redeem their stamps in the "store." They bought everything out!

Lisa & Laurie explaining the store to the class. These are two phenomenal Essentials tutors. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without them!

I didn't get to visit Challenge I this week & I also forgot to get any pictures of our adorable tots class!

As we were wrapping up at the end of the day some of the kids were admiring the ball python that one of the Challenge students brought to campus.

Typically I leave CC around 4 & then we pick up pizza on our way home. I've declared CC nights "pj night" - we get pizza, put on our pjs & watch a movie!

This week we changed things up & went to one of the CC families' homes for dinner.

Clay & his buddy, Asher

Dinner with friends. They just moved into this house 3 weeks ago & are still unpacking - that's what I call hospitality!

The adults ate dinner by candlelight

After dinner the kids went for a swim. Because, even though it's November, we ARE in Florida. Highs in the 80's this week!

We arrived home around 9:30 after a long full day. I always feel so refreshed after our community day & spending time being uplifted by so many Godly women. I'm incredibly thankful for all of them!


Tricia said...

I so enjoyed this post, getting to see what you do at CC. I love that you have both a baby and a grandpa there - how great for the kids.

Monique said...

What a precious write up about our lives on Tuesday's. Thank you for all you do to hold us together. I must say I absolutely love the grandpa pictures and comments. What special memories! :-)


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