Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two weeks

So, what's been going on in the two weeks since we got home from our vacation?

The day after we arrived home we were back at our Classical Conversations community day. Science for the day was sun prints - so cool!

As a Support Manager with Classical Conversations I have the privilege of traveling to the communities I manage to visit them & get to know the families. Such a fun aspect of the job! I went to visit the Northwest Tampa community the Thursday after we arrived home. (The kids were in tow so they attended TWO community days that week!)

That Thursday also happened to be Halloween. We had dropped Ray off at work so we picked him up, got home at 6:45 & then quickly gathered everything to go trick or treating. The kids raided the dress-up bin for costumes this year.

A cowboy


Give the baby a handkerchief to hold & he's a cowboy, too

A ballerina

On Saturday I went to my friend, Jessies', baby shower. She's due with a baby boy next month. It was such a nice time! (& she got a little practice with Jackson)

On Monday Clay started T-ball. He's a natural! I was actually impressed with how obedient he was out on the field. He followed instructions beautifully, I think he was so into it that he wasn't going to question anything!

The next day we were back at CC - we set off rockets for science this week!

We'll fast forward to Friday. Ray was planning to leave with the kids on their annual Veterans' Day camping trip on Friday afternoon. But, he got off of work late & wasn't completely packed up so he postponed leaving until Saturday morning.

This worked out in my favor because Heather was in town for the weekend & we were going to get together. We had originally planned for Saturday but it was pushed up to Friday night. Since Ray was home I was able to put jackson to bed & leave him with Ray & go out all alone! Heather & I stayed out until after midnight just catching up - we don't think we'd seen each other in over a year!!! We went out to Carmel Cafe & after leaving there just sat in the van talking.

I had about 4 hours of sleep Friday night & then was up to see Ray & the kids off Saturday morning. I had a HUGE list of things to get done while they were gone. I know it seems over ambitious, but, I have to write down everything I want to get done, even if I know it won't all be possible. I then check off what I do accomplish & can easily see what's left. Things such as "re-screen the windows" were on my list to do during their camping list & didn't get done. (I didn't do it this year either!)

My partner in crime for the weekend. Mostly he just slept & looked cute.

I did indulge in lots of yummy foods over the weekend. Food that I didn't have to share with little ones or try to eat in hiding.

CPK frozen pizza

One of my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors

Five Guys!

Indulgent coffee. While leisurely window shopping.

I did knock off a good number of items from my list. Unfortunately, I came down with a bad case of mastitis Saturday night & was woke up around 12:30 just shaking with chills from my fever. I was up until 5 & felt pretty icky on Sunday. Even with losing a day I was able to do some projects, too.

I updated this display case that came from Ray's mom when she moved the other week. Some spray paint, decorative contact paper & some stickers made all the difference! (I updated a file cabinet, too, but don't have pictures yet).

I also made these for the girls room. Total cost was around $2.50.

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