Wednesday, November 06, 2013

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you snow!

The Friday morning of our drive through the Blue Ridge we woke up in the little cabin in Laurel Springs to Addison climbing up to the loft where Ray & I were sleeping.

"It snowed! It snowed!"

She desperately wanted to see snow on our trip. I was pretty sure she was just confusing frost on the ground with snow. I humored her & looked out the window.


It was a very slim layer, but, still snow.

The kids quickly added some layers to their pajamas & went outside.

The girls were thrilled but Clay was less than impressed with the cold.

Ray build them a little handheld snowman. So adorable!

We packed up around lunch & left to drive more of the parkway. I was sure that all of the snow would melt quickly but it was so cold that it continued to stay in more shaded areas! It was so neat to see Fall leaves on the parkway one day & snow the next.

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