Sunday, December 01, 2013

Day of Thanks

Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays! Of course, another appropriate name may be "butter day." I counted about 3lbs. of butter in my cooking. 

I also confess, I had never brined a turkey before. I despise working with poultry & brining is one extra messy step. However, to do things "right" I brined the turkey this year. My nasty looking brine:

I spent pretty much all day in the kitchen on Wednesday. The kids loved this because I let them watch a Christmas movie on Netflix. I was up until 1am Wednesday night, getting things ready for thanksgiving! 

My kitchen was a disaster throughout the day despite multiple cleanings.


I did manage to clean it before bed, which makes a world of difference for me. I did NOT get to make our traditional kringle before bed & Ray was rather disappointed when he found out we weren't going to have it to eat while watching the parade. 

Despite over sleeping until 8 something, I went ahead & made the kringle. Due  wato the late start it wasn't ready until 11am but it was AMAZING! I tried a new recipe & it was the best yet! 

Jackson came down with a bad respiratory infection on Tuesday. Although he was no longer contagious he was still getting nebulizer treatments in Thanksgiving. 

My enormous 22.5 lb. turkey! (Purposely cooked upside down to keep the breast juicy) 

After roasting I took the meat off & put the turkey in a crockpot with its juices. Best way to eat turkey. 

I also made Sunday yeast rolls. 

My grandmother in Kentucky passed away this year & this was her recipe. They take over half a day to make & I remember she always had them rising on her refrigerator.

Lots of food!

Our company began arriving around 4. We were expecting around 25-30 people but due to illness none of rays family could make it. We had also invited any friends we have without family in town & some of them were able to make it. It was a fun crowd!

Kids table! 

We were able to enjoy a cold-for-us holiday - it was in the 30s in the morning! So, after the meal, we had a campfire outside & roasted marshmallows, made s'mores & sang with Richard playing the guitar. 

The flash is bright! 

It was getting a bit cold so we took the singing 
inside. Katherine & I were able to chat & totally struck some poses after this photo - I'll spare us the embarrassment of sharing those!

(Look how cute & tiny that 3rd trimester belly is on Katherine)

It was a great day! Everyone left around 9:30 & I collapsed! (After cleaning the kitchen again!)

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