Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Face of the Earth

Yes, I've pretty much fallen off of it.

There has been MUCH I wanted to blog about. In fact, I had planned to blog LAST weekend about how much I was looking forward to my exciting week ahead. Before I knew it, that week had come & gone!

I can't wait to post about some of it.

My mom, sister & nephew came into town around 4am on Monday.

On Tuesday I had an event with Classical Conversations, a Christ Worthy Education Event with guest speaker Matt Bianco. It was so encouraging & equipping, I'm already looking forward to next year - & next time all of the families are invited, too!

I went straight from that all day affair to my annual support manager training with CC. I had it easy & it was close to home, just in Lakeland. It was another wonderful two days, but, it was information overload! I certainly left feeling better equipped to face the year ahead.

I arrived home Thursday evening, Kate's birthday. Ray arrived home with the kids around 9pm. 30 minutes later their beloved guinea pig died. That was a traumatic event for Addison & Clay. Kate didn't care at all.

Friday we dropped Ray off at work (he just got his car back from the shop tonight, hurray!) & then went to the store so I could get stuff for my tutor brunch on Saturday. We had a few hours at home before leaving to pick up Ray from work. We then went straight to church where Ray was teaching youth group that night. Instead of staying there I went to visit Katherine at her house. Ray picked me up at 10 & we then went to get his moms' vehicle so he could borrow it the next day. As I was driving home I rear ended someone. I only write this because all of the kids were with me & they've been telling EVERYBODY. There was some bumper damage to the vehicle in front of u & absolutely no damage to our van (it was a very small accident)

Saturday morning I hosted a brunch for the tutors & directors on my campus. It was a lovely time but I'd definitely used up all of my liveliness at the beginning of the week. Everyone on Saturday received my tired leftovers. Including that evening when we went to the Sunday School teachers Christmas party & then took advantage of having a babysitter & went to see Catching Fire with Robert & Briana! That was totally worth being at the theater past midnight (Jackson was fabulous during the movie, too) & tired the next day.

It was a fun-filled week but I'm certainly enjoying a slower pace this week.

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