Friday, December 27, 2013

Day Trip

This morning I called my grandmother before 8am to see what her plans were for the day. She hadn't met Jackson yet so I loaded the kids in the van & we drove to visit her in Oviedo, about two hours away.

The kids had fun peeling & slicing apples with this neat little contraption.

The girls showed off their dance routines & Gram introduced them to huge floor length mirrors!

My Uncle Roger was also able to take off from work & came for a visit. The last time I saw him was 4-5 years ago - I only had two kids at the time!

We had a lovely visit & stayed for a few hours catching up. We also facetimed my Uncle Kenny in Kentucky & my mom & sister in Asheville.

My oldest (longest) friend, Heather, lives only 5 minutes from Gram! They just closed on a house 3 days ago & they've already knocked out some big projects. I was able to see the new house & then we went back to her current place for the kids to play.

It was a fast fun day! With the holidays there was no rush hour traffic so we made it home at 5:20. I'm exhausted!


Tricia said...

The pictures...thank you so much <3

GREG PFLUG said...

Sorry we couldn't meet up. Ann and I will load up the boys and head your way soon.


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