Friday, December 20, 2013

Days Off

This has been another week that just flew by. Rays car went out just THREE days after getting it back from the shop; he was driving home Friday when it started smoking.

So, I spent the first three days this week driving him to & from work. I needed the van Monday for doctor appointments that had been scheduled for months. Traffic was horrendous getting him to work - 45 minutes to go 3 miles!!! I had to call & bump the doctor appointment to later in the morning.

I also had a dermatologist appointment, some errands to run & then the kids & I drove to a junkyard in Riverview to get the part for Rays' car. We only ended up being home for about two hours all day.

I picked up Ray from work on my way home from the junk yard, but, before going home, we took our Christmas photos downtown. By the time Ray is home in the evening it's too dark so I figured downtown would be a good place. As we were getting out of the van we saw a group of kids & a couple moms from my CC group - one of the girls was having her birthday party at the outdoor ice skating rink! It worked in our favor because one of the moms took our photo for us.

Tuesday was the CC Christmas party & we brought a friends, Caroline, home with us to spend the night. After showers & dinner the girls snuggled up with popcorn & hot chocolate to watch "Elf." Once in bed I could hear them talking past 11pm. I love it!

Wednesday we left the house at 7 to take Ray to work & then Caroline home; she only lives 5 minutes from Rays' office. Her mom, Michele, suggested we go to breakfast while I was down there so we ate at a little place on Davis Islands.

The time went much too quickly, but, all 5 of her girls had dentist appointments that morning. I hadn't made any other plans so Michele suggested I stay at her house so that we could hang out when she got back. What she didn't know was that the appointments would end up taking 3 hours!

Jackson used the time for a nap under the Christmas tree & the kids & I enjoyed hanging out together.

We all ate lunch together at the house, spent some time chatting & then loaded everyone up to go down to Hyde Park.

Silly face! All of our kids, aren't they cute?

It was so late in the day that I wasn't going to drive all the way home just to turn around & go get Ray from work so I went back to Michele's house, we ate dinner & then took the younger kids to Awana.

While the girls were in Awana we went to get coffee & then brought it back to the church. Several other CC friends go to Awana there & we were able to chat with them for a bit, too.

It was great fun having such a spontaneous day away! We were gone for 14 hours!
Thursday & Friday have been spent at home, catching up & being responsible. Lots of time dedicated to school & chores! Ray is also supposed to work on his car in the morning so hopefully that will be the final fix for awhile!

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Tricia said...

Jackson looks like a giant baby from that angle:)


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