Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Party!

Today was our Christmas party with our local Classical Conversations group. I just love our Christmas parties! It's one of the times we can all get together & not discuss school (well, not too much!).

One of our families hosted everyone at their home. So gracious!

There was lots of delicious food...

talking...we didn't want to leave! It was so easy to escape the realities of the demands waiting for us when we left as we all sat here together. It was just lovely & so relaxing!

and playing...

The tree house also doubles as the start of the zip line! (The trampoline was almost always in use, but, I was too lazy to walk down to it. )

The older kids hung out in the library...

The younger kids played outside...

And, were "encouraged" to stay downstairs!

Clay was all over the place but found great fun throwing sticks into the pond.

Jackson did what he does best: floated from person to person giving big smiles & sleeping in my arms.

We also took the opportunity to pass out Christmas gifts to our tutors & friends (& I also saved on postage & hand delivered Christmas cards - because I'm cheap!).

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