Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I actually wrote this post nearly two weeks ago, but, time has gotten away again!

Addison celebrated her 7th birthday on November 30th. She & I went out in the morning for doughnuts (we went to the health food store to buy some gluten free for her) & I got her a special drink from Starbucks.

Late in the morning she was very excited to go with her daddy on an 11-mile bike ride. He also surprised her & took her to see "Frozen!"

While they were away I set up a few decorations & made pizza, which was her requested dinner.

I also had a pack of gluten free immaculate baking company cookies in the freezer which I molded into a heart shape as a cake.

Addison was truly surprised to see that she had presents, too! A little necklace I made & the most coveted & popular Rainbow Loom! Oh, the excitement to have the actual loom!

Addison was so excited about her rainbow loom that she couldn't finish her dinner.

The birthday girl!

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