Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday with friends

I'm very blessed to still have a number of friends I've known since I was four.  Four! 

I went to church with a family in Orlando & the sons were some of our (very) fearless youth group leaders. 

Their parents, Dan & Marilyn, now live a mile away from us in our neighborhood. Their son, David, still lives with his family in the Orlando area & their other son, Stephen, lives with his family in Minnesota. 

The whole family is in town right now & Stephen was speaking at Land O Lakes Bible Chapel. Ray was able to get someone to cover him in Sunday School teaching today so we went to hear Stephen this morning. 

After the meetings all of their family came to our home for lunch. 

Stephen & Kelly just had their first baby 3 months ago & she & Jackson spent some time 
making eyes at each other. 

When company is planned I use it as an excuse for dessert. Today I made salt river bars (yum!) & lemon tarts. Marilyn brought delicious Irish potato candy! 

David & Kristen have a 6 & 4 year old & for the midst party our kids seemed to have fun playing with each other.

Addison wasn't too thrilled about having people in her room, though, & I find this sign at 
the end of the day. Haha!

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