Monday, March 24, 2014

Trader Joes and other weekend fun

Oh yes, it finally happened: Trader Joe's opened in Tampa! 

Ray took the three older kids to the Macdill air show on Saturday while Jackson & I drive the 35 minutes to TJ's. 

I arrived right before they opened & was shocked that there was no traffic, ample parking & well stocked shelves! It's certainly a happy place for me. 

After Trader Joe's I went home for a bit before meeting Briana 
for lunch at five guys & 
then we went to see Divergent! 
So fun & so good! 

Ray & the kids didn't get home until around 8pm. After the kids were in bed I Ray & I ate a TJ's feast- cheeses, crackers, olives, salami & chocolate. 

Sunday morning we had some excellent meetings at church. I'm so thankful for the freedoms we have to walk out Biblical principles and the wisdom of those in leadership to follow scripture.

It was a lovely morning. One of the women there even surprised our family with a meal! 

This ended up being more significant than I would have thought.

See, the brakes have been going out on my van & Ray planned to replace them that afternoon. So,  we stopped at auto zone on the way home for a part we needed & as we were pulling out of our parking space we heard a clattering if metal & our breaks went out. 

We eased back into our 

parking space & one of the employees helped Ray change the breaks. Yep, I was SO thankful 
we had lunch with us. 

It took about an hour & a half so I walked the kids across the street & treated then to frozen yogurt. They loved it! 

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