Sunday, April 20, 2014

Beautiful Saturday

Yesterday was GORGEOUS! It was cool but not cold, breezy with some sprinkles but never a hard rain. It was the kind of weather that makes me so happy!

We spent a lot of time outside. Our new (good) neighbors were removing some bushes that border our property so Ray helped with that. Cutting back the bushes turned into a several hour affair including pressure washing our driveway & sidewalks.

Kate was also pleased that she held a lizard (notice that she didn't touch it with her bare hands).

Jackson is army crawling all over the place! He can get up on all fours but isn't full on crawling yet. His favorite place to crawl to is where all of the computer cords are at - it's like a magnet to him!

Jackson also really likes Dapper, the cat. (I promise you that Jackson was NOT touching the cats' bum, it just looks like it from this angle!)

Clay saw this & yelled, "Why is Jackson eating Dapper?!?"

It was bathing suit time while Ray pressure washed. The kids had great fun playing outside all day.

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