Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MOSI on a Wednesday

Today I utilized our passes & took the kids to MOSI. We went around lunch time & the crowds weren't too bad but every once in awhile there'd be an influx of a rowdy school group. Some day I want to try to go when they open & see if we can avoid school groups.

Tug of war, Clay loved this & would beam at me when he pulled the rope all the way to his side.

Optical illusion.

We watched the planetarium show which went along great with the constellations & planets we've studied this year as well as the history of Greek/Roman gods last year. As we were watching Addison commented, "I've learned this!" Awesome.

While outside playing we saw a halo around the sun. It even made our news today!

Batman, I mean, Jackson, enjoyed himself, too.

The kids absolutely love the station where the plastic balls stay afloat mid-air. 

Yes, you'll notice I'm one child short. Kate went home from church Sunday night with Ms. Esther & didn't come home until after church tonight. I didn't get to talk to her once during the three days she was gone! She seemed to have a nice time, though.

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