Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dinner with Michael Farris AKA Homeschooler Geek Out

I've fallen so far behind on blogging that I never mentioned an awesome event I was at a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of the families that I know through my Classical Conversations group hosted a reception for Dr. Michael Farris one evening & he shared a message entitled: "The Challenge to American Liberty: Short-term Battles & Long-term Solutions." He also shared with us about Patrick Henry College & the Convention of States.

Who is Dr. Farris? He is the founding president of The Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) & the founding president of Patrick Henry College. He's a constitutional attorney & is spearheading  the Convention of States. What is the Convention of States? Read more about it here. (if you're libertarian, you'll love it)

Anyway, he's been around since I was a homeschooled child so I was really excited to be there & meet him!

The event was absolutely lovely. We all mingled & had hors d'oeuvres (the event was catered by Bailey's - AMAZING!) before moving to the outdoor tent.


We sat outside while Dr. Farris spoke. I learned a lot & was certainly encouraged!

After he spoke we had the most amazing dinner outside! Lollipop lamb chops, beef tenderloin, shrimp & grits - among other things! I had an empty seat next to me (Ray was watching the kids for the night) & Dr. Farris came & sat next to me for dinner. I was totally excited! (like I said, total homeschool grad turned homeschool mom geeky evening)

It was a wonderful event & I'm excited to get to see Dr. Farris speak again tomorrow at the FPEA Homeschool convention in Orlando!


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