Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Better Late Than Never

In a fashion very uncharacteristic of me, I have never decorated the girls bedroom. I know, I know, Addison is almost 3 years old, I've just never taken the time to do it. It seems the rooms less often seen are less likely to get decorated. I've never done our master or our bathrooms either (although I've been dying to at least do our guest bath ever since we moved in!)

So, I have finally decided to try to do SOMETHING with the girls room. Part of the problem is that it's an average size room with a very small closet. We don't have adequate storage space in there so I usually end up very frustrated & constantly trying to arrange things. It's just not in the budget to purchase storage solutions so usually things end up just getting toossed in the room.

I'm so tired of that and have decided to make a solid effort. In fact, two weekends ago I completely cleaned the girls room, which mostly meant sorting through the massive amounts of clothes people have given to us or that the girls have grown out of & sorting them into size categories.

What a difference that has made! Now, I can finally start on the decorating. That was put on hold again when I got sick last week, but I still managed to do the tiny little task of updating the knobs on the girls dresser.

I forget to take a before picture, but they were white with a hideous teal center.

I spraypainted the knobs white (it took two coats to cover the teal!) & after that dried I took some of the flower rhinestones I'd bought to use on the hair clips that are now illegal for me to sell & thus won't make anymore & glued them to the center.

They match the pink & green already in the girls room perfectly & I just love how they turned out!

Anyone have any guesses as to how long it will take Addison to try & pull all of the flowers off of the knobs?


Tricia said...

They are so cute, what a smart idea! I did wonder about Addison pulling them off and about Kate eating them though :)

Gabeandjen said...

So cute! You're so creative!

Baby Shower Poems said...

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