Monday, June 23, 2003

Yummm, this morning on my way to work I got a frappuccino. It was a really good one too. I needed the caffeine, all I've been doing is studying. But its not so bad, by actually studying its reducing my stress & anxiety over school so that's a plus. I only have 4 weeks left of classes! :)

So much stuff is coming up & I'm really excited. Megan's birthday is Friday (finally legal!) & she & mom are coming over Thursday. We're going to go to Hyde Park for the movie if its not raining & they're going to stay the night. This Saturday we're having Val's lingerie shower over at my place so I've been trying to work out the final details on that. Thankfully mom's going to help me with the decorating too. :) Then, in less than 4 weeks is the wedding. That means rehearsals & luncheons & then the actual wedding!!! :) The wedding is at 6:30 at night & right after that Rach & I are driving together over to camp to hopefully counsel together for a week. I'm so excited! :) It should be lots of fun.

I've been eating so bad lately. I figured it out & if you include eating out & bringing home pizza I ate out 7 times last week!!! So, I'm trying to eat a little better. I've had salad & pretzels & stuff like that today. I know, the frappuccino's bad for me but overall I'm doing better. At least I'm still working out too, just not as much as normal because of lack of time.

Too bad you can't buy time like you buy groceries.

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