Saturday, November 22, 2003

Ah...this weekend has been fun so far.

While I miss Ray & can't wait for him to get back home, its fun to just be with the girls for awhile.

Right now we're making Chef Boyardee pizza & brownies. :) Last night, Megaqn & Katie drank SIX sodas plus coffee at 11:30 & we got Little Ceasars. Yum yum!

We watched "What a Girl Wants" & then went to the office & started talking. We ended up on the Internet searching for a guy we used to know who's been in trouble with the law & also looking up sexual offenders (there's 53 living in my zip code). We ended up being in there for two hours just talking & laughing & looking at old pics of us from youth group. Why did we wear those awful clothes??? It was lots of fun. Then we had our coffee & watched another movie. Oh yeah, "Minority Report." Go Tom Cruise!!!

This morning I made scones & we watched "Amelie." It was pretty good but every character was a freak. There was something wrong with pretty much everyone in it. But other than that it was good with a really cute ending.

Later in the afternoon we made a trip to B&N. On our way we stopped at Starbucks so I could use my gift card instead of paying out of pocket for coffee at B&N. So,I'm waiting for them to make my drink, looking at the display of coffee beans, when the guy behind me said, very smoothly, "You have very beautiful eyes." lol

It was nice, but what was I supposed to do I just slightly glanced up, smiled & said thank you & went back to looking at the coffee beans.

At least he was a classy looking guy. He looked around 40 & he was dressed all in black. Black is good. But hey, I'm married & I've never been good at flirting anyway. Its still flattering though.

So, we stayed at B&N for a couple of hours. By the time we left it was getting dark out so I drove us over to Bayshore to look at the gargantuan houses & then we went walking through Hyde Park. It was so nice. It was dark out & they have the Christmas lights up so it was really pretty. Katie also got an adorable dress at Black & White that I want too!!!

Anyway, now we're at home about to eat & watching one of mom's "Friends" DVDs.

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