Thursday, November 20, 2003

I'm very excited to hear tht Megan and Katie are planning on coming to visit me this weekend. Even though none of us have any money I know we'll still have lots of fun. (We have movies & coffee, what more could you ask for?)

On that note, Ray has left for Tennessee. He rode up there with his dad, they left yesterday morning, & he found a cheap flight back for Monday night. With our VW problems he just didn't have a chance to get that fixed so he could drive it up. Anywway, I'm a little worried because I haven't heard from him yet. He did call from his cell for 1:01 last night (its 60 cents a minute out of state but he was thinking about me :)) & he told me that they should get in around 10:30-11:00 last night & he would call me then. Still nothing.

He left me his dad's cell, which I've been calling, but no one is answering it. He didn't ahve his grandfather's number and he was supposed to call later to give it to me. SO, I'm jsut waiting. And praying. I know its probably silly to be worried but its hard not to be. I'm sure he's fine and sleeping in or something.

Anyway, this crazy week is almost over as far as school goes, but I have to get to my studying now.

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